Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Seniors often get a bad rap. Once you have passed the age of youth and beauty, you are put out to pasture as useless and unappealing. I beg to differ. Seniors have great value and continue to plant seeds for future generations.

There are many seniors in the public eye who have kept themselves abreast of the latest fads and styles and still appeal to all age groups. Let's talk Betty White, in her nineties and still looking and acting like a pretty fifty year-old. She's funny, loves animals and is absolutely charming. Remember George Burns? He was a great comedian and won an Oscar well into his eighties.

It does not matter if you are not a celebrity. I read in this morning's paper that a seventy-five year-old man saved a kitten from a tree and returned it to its owner. Obviously, in great physical condition, he climbed up and down the tree. And then had the intelligence and stamina to seek out the owner by knocking on every door of every house on the street until he found where little Scottie belonged. He, of course, refused any monetary reward. He believes it is the duty of every citizen to keep up with the concerns of the community and to give of one's self with pride and honor

If you want further proof that seniors are a valuable part of our society, look to your ancestors and see how they had it tough, but through a cautious plan of survival made it through and paved the way for others to follow.