Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Don!

It was a grand old time as Don Grigware celebrated his 65th birthday with friends at Yang Chow's Restaurant on Topanga Canyon. Guests included: Sandra Cusimono, Bix Barnaba, Sharon Michaels, Audrey Sperling, Renee Gorsey and her new beau Allen, Vicki Pacifico (with Don), Gary Warmee and Stan Mazin. We had fun, fun, fun and the cake pictured is from Porto's Bakery. Yummy, yummy! Guess who took the rest of it home???

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Friend

Did you comprehend love at age 12? You were taught to love your mother and father...I mean... beyond that... When you made a new friend, was there ever something special between you that you couldn't describe? Did those feelings confuse you? My new friend Gerry made me feel that way in grade 7 at John J. Lynch Jr. High School. I couldn't wait to see him every day, to talk to him, to walk home from school with him, and eventually hang around with him on Saturdays, but I knew that my feeling for him ran deeper. I didn't understand it. What to say? What to do other than keep it locked inside of me? If I had been asked to put my feelings into words, I would have been speechless. And what about his feelings? Did he feel the same way about me or was I wanting more than he could ever possibly give me?
Check back soon for this new fact-based story.